Policies & Etiquette

Directions to Our Location: We are located in The Shops at Merchants Walk Shopping Center on the 2nd floor inside Salons By JC, Suites 25 & 26. We recommend parking in the parking deck on the 2nd or 1st floor. Elevators are available for use in between Local Taco and Farm Burger. 


Cancellation Policy: We ask that you please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment in order to reschedule or cancel your appointment. We have an active waitlist each week for appointments. Failure to do this, resulting in a No Show, could result in an automatic charge of up to 50% cost of serviced scheduled. If the appointment is a Groupon or Living Social then the voucher will be redeemed and can not be used for future appointments. For more information on our Groupon or Living Social policies, please refer to our separate bullet titled, "Groupon and Living Social". Thank you for your understanding.


ID: Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment start time and please bring your Driver's License or a government issued ID with you for us to make a copy for your MINDBODY Profile. Luckily, we only need to make a copy once. 


Payment:  We require that for every service that is scheduled that there be a point of currency saved on file in our MINDBODY System in order to schedule the appointment. This can be a credit card, debit card, SPAFINDER Card or a Living Social or Groupon Voucher Redemption Code. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Anyone is welcome to pay in cash, however, with us still being a tiny spa we aren’t set up to make change at this time. No Refunds: All product, service sales, giftcard sales and tips are final.


Groupon and Living Social: If your Groupon or Living Social Voucher has expired, no need to worry! As long as you have your voucher redemption code, we can redeem it no matter how long it has been expired. The only stipulations with Groupon or Living Social is that you can only use 1 of them, either Groupon OR Living Social (not both since they're owned by the same company), and you can purchase a Voucher for each service every 180 days. For example, You can buy a facial service and use that every 180 days, but then you can still purchase other services and use them, like a Brazilian Voucher or Massage Voucher and space those services out separately every 180 days. The Facial and Chemical Peel are both on the same Campaign, all massage sessions are on the same Campaign, the Brazilians and Facial Waxing are on separate campaigns. With Groupon or Living Social, if you No Show an appointment or call same day to cancel or reschedule, your Groupon or Living Social will still be redeemed for that appointment time. You will still be welcome to reschedule with us, but that voucher will have been used and can not apply to any future appointments as the Groupon or Living Social appointment time still occurred whether you decided to come that day or not. We can not fill slots same day, so your appointment will remain on the book whether you decide to attend your appointment or not. When purchasing a voucher that includes 2 sessions in 1 voucher, the 2nd session must be used with-in 6 weeks of when the 1st session was used and redeemed or else that 2nd session will expire us and can not be used. 


Ambiance: We ask that upon arrival that you silence your cell phone and to please refrain from yelling in the building to respect others who are also in session.


Brazilians: In order to receive a Brazilian your hair needs to be between a half inch to an inch long. If you begin your cycle please contact us and we will be happy to get you rescheduled. 


Consultations: All scheduled 30-minute consultations are $50, which can be applied towards the cost of service for which you were consulting about. Showing up to receive a service, filling out paperwork and going through initial consultation and then for some reason deciding not to receive service will result in at minimum a $50 consult fee all the way up to potentially 50% cost of service at the business’s discretion to pay for your time that was reserved and allotted for that day.


Cosmetic Tattooing: A 30-minute scheduled Consultation is required prior to scheduling a tattooing session. The cost of the consult is $50 and is due the day of the Consult. This fee will be applied towards the cost of your tattoo if you choose to move forward with your session. There is no crossover financially between the tattooing spa spa division, so Cosmetic Tattooing Consult fees can not then be applied towards spa services.


Narcotics: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone arriving impaired. This includes the use of certain medication from your doctor. For anyone specifically taking opiates, muscle relaxers or pain relievers and scheduling a massage or stretch session, legally speaking you have to have been off your meds at least 24 hours.


Care Takers: We ask that if you use a care taker on a regular basis that you bring them with you to the appointment to help move you on and off the table before and after session.